Setting up a VPN

Mobile workers require secure, remote access to company networks. The answer is a VPN solution that is simple to deploy, manageable and completely secure.

Boston / Munich − May 05, 2004: On the newly launched equinux page, "Setting up a VPN", the experienced Software Support and Development Team shares expertise on how to setup an ideal VPN solution for your company.

VPN technology based on the IPsec protocol is the ultimate way to ensure robust encryption of information transmitted over a VPN. By setting up a VPN gateway on the company side and using a speedy Internet connection and installing a VPN client on your Mac - you are able to access files and databases wherever you are. VPN Tracker is a unique VPN client for Mac OS X, providing an easy setup and compatibility to over 130 IPsec based VPN gateway devices.

Four steps to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network):

1. Choose the Internet connection
2. Select a VPN Gateway
3. Get connected to your VPN devices
4. Decide what Edition of VPN Tracker you need

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