equinux USA, Inc. Announces New Version of APC Tracker

By operating APC Tracker 4.2 in combination with an APC device, monitoring and administrating server configurations has never been easier

Munich / Boston − July 29, 2004: Lexington, Mass.-July 26, 2004 equinux USA, Inc., a leading provider of software designed specifically for the Mac OS X platform,  today anounced the newest release of their popular APC Tracker software. APC Tracker 4.2 is the company's answer to administrators looking for the ultimate solution to protecting their network from the costly dangers of power failure. APC Tracker 4.2 will be available in August 2004.

APC Tracker 4.2 features improvements in three main areas:

  • A seperate battery status display has been added for monitoring your UPC. It clearly alerts user when battery needs replacement

  • SMTP authentication for email notifications is now supported

  • Improved stability
APC Tracker 4.2 runs faceless in the background, login is not neccessary and in case of power loss the software sends out vital pre-programmed information.

In today's business climate, no company can afford downtime. Daily operations will suffer, server reboots consume valuable time, and revenue will be lost. APC Tracker 4.2 alleviates these problems by making configuration overview easy and manageable.

Founded in 1998 with offices in Munich and Boston, equinux is the worldwide leader in VPN and APC software for the Mac OS X platform.