equinux Unveils New VPN Tracker 3

VPN Tracker 3 offers Extended Authentication (XAUTH) as a solution to large enterprises seeking to integrate VPN technology into their operations

Lexington, Ma. − August 18, 2004: equinux today announced the newest release of their flagship software, VPN Tracker. VPN Tracker 3 features dramatic improvements in the user experience and allows for added security in the form of Extended Authentication (XAUTH).

"Version 3 is the next step for us in offering a total VPN solution for the Mac platform. We have extremely enhanced VPN Tracker, not only in overall usability but also in technical capabilities with the integration of top requested features like XAUTH," said Till Schadde, CEO at equinux. "We are positive that all new and existing users will love it."

VPN Tracker 3 differs from current VPN Tracker version 2.2 in a variety of ways. The changes are aimed at improving the enduser experience and the ability to utilize VPN Tracker in large VPN scenarios. Key changes include:

Extended Authentication (XAUTH): VPN Tracker now supports XAUTH as an authentication mechanism. This allows multiple users to share the same pre-shared key, while still allowing for restricted access to the central network on an individual user basis. This presents an ideal solution for larger VPN scenarios and makes VPN Tracker even more compatible to different VPN gateways.

Improved Tunnel Stability: New version offers increased connection stability to users with dynamic IP addresses and those utilizing their computers' sleep mode function.

Redesigned User Interface: Among various improvements is a new tab based connection window, user friendly toolbar in the main window, and a detailed connection status description including customizable connection icons.

Integrated How-to Guide: The user is now presented a list of all VPN devices which are known to be compatible, ordered by vendor. You can click on the device and you will have the option to pull up a How-to guide.

Remote DNS: With this option you are able to use nameservers in the remote network. This allows access to remote servers by name instead of IP address. You also have the choice of using the nameserver for all DNS queries or for specific subnets only.

Simplified Network Setup: The network masks can now be entered in standard dotted-decimal format (e.g. You are still able to enter it in the CIDR-notation as well.

VPN Tracker 3 is available in two different editions: The Professional Edition and the Personal Edition. While both editions feature the redesigned user interface and support XAUTH as an authentication mechanism,  they do differ in several aspects.

The Professional Edition is the full featured product for network security. It supports various encryption algorithms for very high security environments. It boasts extra features like multiple connections, connection export and certificate enrollment. This is the recommended edition for network administrators setting up their company's VPN.

The Personal Edition is the more simplified version and is a perfect solution for anyone needing to secure a single network connection, for example between a home and an office network, or remote computer. This single connection can be between two hosts or between a host and a network.

Availability & Upgrades

VPN Tracker 3 Professional and Personal Edition are available starting today and can be purchased through the equinux online store ( or through a member of equinux's worldwide consultant network (

Any equinux customers who purchased VPN Tracker 2.x after Aug. 3rd will automatically apply for a free upgrade. Others customers wishing to upgrade their VPN Tracker 2.x versions will also be given special upgrade pricing starting at $23.90 for a single license upgrade. Multiple license upgrades are even further reduced.