TamTam - TomTom GO support for Mac

Software producer equinux has made the popular TomTom navigation system compatible with Mac.

Boston/Munich − October 19, 2004: With the release of the Mac compatible program TamTam, the Munich software provider equinux is offering a Mac solution for the popular GPS navigation system TomTom GO. The software allows for easy management of the device´s maps, and you can also upload other voice tones and create a backup of the entire system.

"Simply the fact that TomTom GO has a design which is similar to the iMac makes the TomTom especially attractive for Mac users. Until now Mac support was lacking. Thanks to TamTam, Mac users have all the features of TomTom´s own Windows software.", commented Till Schadde, CEO of equinux, Inc.

TamTam works with Mac OS X. The TomTom GO navigation system is managed by a USB cable connectionn to the Mac. To upload additional maps and voices, TamTam accesses information on the TomTom CD, which is included with each device (along with the USB cable).

TamTam is being offered for USD 24,80 (Euro 21,38). It can be purchased on the equinux Online Store ( or from an equinux dealer.

equinux (Boston, USA and Munich, Germany) is a leading software provider for Mac OS X. The company is a leader in the VPN market with its VPN Tracker software, which supports over 250 VPN devices from various brands. More information is available at and