equinux Announces Compatibility with NETASQ IPS firewalls

Remote networking with a NETASQ firewall is easier than ever for Mac users.

Lexington, MA − November 09, 2004: equinux USA, Inc., a renowned provider of software designed specifically for the Mac OS X platform, announced today compatibility between their market leading VPN client software, VPN Tracker, and NETASQ's IPS firewall series. Remote networking with a NETASQ firewall is easier than ever for Mac users who can now share files, databases and emails over a secure Internet connection.

Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) connection is a cost efficient and simple way for companies to maximize security without compromising the requirements of remote access. Since 1998, NETASQ has developed IPS firewall and VPN security solutions, focusing on the network security needs of a wide range of departmental sites, service providers and remote users. By operating a NETASQ IPS firewall together with VPN Tracker, Mac users can remotely access company networks without the possibility of security breaches.

"The VPN Tracker client is the ideal solution for businesses that require secure connectivity between remote Macintosh users and their central offices. It allows businesses to benefit from the wide range of features and high performances offered by NETASQ's IPS-Firewalls", said Matthieu BONENFANT, Product Manager at NETASQ. "A simple NETASQ profile that has been predefined in VPN Tracker's user-friendly GUI allows creating a VPN tunnel between a Macintosh client and a NETASQ IPS-Firewall with just a few mouse-clicks. NETASQ is charmed by equinux approach of profile selection because it considerably reduces installation costs and eliminates configuration errors."

With a user-friendly interface, built in how-to guides and compatibility with most third party solutions, VPN Tracker has firmly established itself as the worldwide leader in VPN client software for the Mac OS X platform. Utilizing IPsec protocol for data encryption, the software creates a secure VPN tunnel over the Internet to a NETASQ IPS firewall, allowing branch and home workers to securely access their company's Intranet.

"equinux is dedicated to creating the highest quality software for the Mac OS X platform and collaboration with leading gateway manufacturers is crucial to our success," said Ortwin Gentz, CTO at equinux. "VPN Tracker is compatible with a wide range of devices, but we are especially proud to announce compatibility with NETASQ."

An easy-to-follow how to guide is available at:

Pricing & Availability
VPN Tracker 3 Personal and Professional Edition are available for purchase through the equinux online store( or through a member of equinux's worldwide consultant network  for a suggested retail price of 199.90 USD, and 89.90 USD, respectively. For multiple licenses equinux offers volume discounts.

About equinux
equinux (Boston, USA and Munich, Germany) founded in 1998, is a leading software provider for Mac OS X. The company is a leader in the VPN market with its VPN Tracker software, which supports over 250 VPN devices from various brands.
With TamTam and MacDial for elmeg equinux is expanding its product line beyond security technology for the Mac platform.
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NETASQ was founded in 1998 with the vision of developing the NETASQ IPS-Firewall, a security appliance combining the best possible protection with the highest performance. NETASQ's IPS-Firewalls are purpose-built appliances based on a multi-layered approach that can stop network and content-based threats at the edge of the client's network without compromising performance or requiring additional hardware. NETASQ is a European privately held company with headquarters in Villeneuve d'Ascq, France and Sales offices in France, Belgium (Benelux Region), Germany, Italy, UK and a worldwide network of certified partners in over 30 countries.

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