iJuice and Movie mini: the Dreamteam for Mac mini

With iJuice and Movie mini the Mac mini becomes a mobile DVD-cinema

Boston/Munich − April 01, 2005: equinux, until now known as a developer of high-quality software for the Apple platform, presents two new Mac innovations sure to revolutionize your Mac mini. In just two quick steps, these new hardware components „iJuice“ and „Movie mini“ turn your Mac mini into the ultimate portable DVD player!

„iJuice“ can be quickly and easily docked to the Mac mini and supplies it with up to 16 hours of power. After charging just 30 minutes with the Mac mini charger or with the Auto-charging adapter (available seperately), iJuice is charged up to 80% capacity.

„Movie mini“ is a comfortable 7“ display with integrated stereo speakers and clickwheel which is seamlessly attached to a Mac mini dock and offers a built-in HDTV 7“ widescreen disply with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. The touch sensitive clickwheel makes navigating a cinch, and the battery capacity is the envy of all leading portable DVD players on the market.

„iJuice and Movie mini are the ideal combo for every Mac mini owner. iJuice ensures that the power doesn´t go out, and Movie mini makes watching DVDs on the go an experience,“ commented equinux chief designer Kay Dollfus. „We put a lot of emphasis on design and an interesting user experience, just like Apple users are used to.“

With these components, equinux is targeting the fast growing so-called „DVD-nomad“ market. Users go with friends out for a drink, take their Mac mini with them and dock it to the affixed iJuice batteries. Then just attach the Movie mini display and connect by WLAN to a huge database with over 50,000 movies to choose from. Your evening is a guaranteed hit.

„We are planning on opening together with an ambitious Chinese investment group a chain of ‚Movie-Bars‘ in San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, Moscow, London, Hamburg, Paris and Fargo. Guests can bring their Mac minis and watch movies with their friends while enjoying a fine range of cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages in a hip atmosphere,“ remarked Julia Markovic, product manager at equinux for both iJuice and movie mini.

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