VPN Tracker 4 with Mac OS X 10.4.1 Update now fully Tiger compatible

Speed problems solved with Apple's update, Tiger overtakes the Panther.

Boston/Munich − May 17, 2005: With Apple's today update to Mac OS X 10.4.1, VPN Tracker 4, the leading Mac OS X VPN client, is completely Tiger compatible. Due to a kernel issue in the first Tiger version (10.4.0), VPN connections were plagued by sluggishness and delay. Apple, in close cooperation with equinux, has now solved this problem.

equinux presented VPN Tracker 4 at the Networld+Interop trade show in Las Vegas this May. The new version offers important features like Smart VPN (automatic VPN connection when needed), Mode-Config support (with support for Cisco's EasyVPN) and automatic NAT detection and runs smoothly with Tiger. The data transfer speed of the VPN connection has even been improved when compared to Mac OS X 10.3 (ĄPanther").

ĄThis is a great development for Tiger users Ė now they don't have to choose between Tiger and a fast VPN", commented Ortwin Gentz, equinux CTO. ĄTo solve the kernel issue, we worked in close cooperation with Apple achieving the best solution for our customers. All Tiger users can now profit from our efforts."

VPN Tracker is available in two editions, Professional and Personal Edition.  The Professional Edition, especially designed for network pros, can be purchased for US$ 199.90. The Personal Edition, designed for the classic VPN end-user, is available for US$ 89.90. Both can be purchased online at or from an equinux reseller. Upgrades from VPN Tracker 3.x to 4.x from Personal and Professional Editions are also available.

A 30 day demo version can be downloaded from the equinux website:

equinux is a leading provider of software solutions for Mac OS X. With VPN Tracker equinux is the market leader in the field of VPN software for Mac OS X. The always growing equinux product portfolio includes not only professional software (VPN Tarcker, VPN Tracker Server, APC Tracker, MacDial), but also consumer software (iSale, TamTam, iTranslate).

equinux has offices in Boston (USA) and Munich (Germany).

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