VPN Tracker and SonicWALL - The Perfect Pair

The Latest release of VPN Tracker, the market-leading Mac VPN-client from equinux, will have SonicWall/Mac-users jumping with joy.

Paris - 20. September 2005 − September 20, 2005: Today the software developer equinux, live from show-floor of Apple expo 2005- Paris, has announced a major version update for their widely-used VPN Client, VPN Tracker. VPN Tracker 4.5 is the only VPN-Client for Mac OS X that supports SonicWall's DHCP over IPsec truly making it the world's premier VPN Solution for Mac OS X.

DHCP over IPsec makes it easier to setup a VPN connection with SonicWALL's VPN-Appliances. "Client Provisioning" is the magical word; this enables a direct download of the VPN-configuration from the SonicWALL VPN-gateway thereby eliminating the need to manually configure each users' computer.

The deployment and management of VPN-installation, through this technology, will be simplified to an extreme. No more individual configuration-files will be needed. This information will be supplied directly from the central configuration of your VPN-Gateway.

"We are very excited that Mac-users with VPN Tracker 4.5 can now gain access more easily to their SonicWALL-based VPN Solution," said Ortwin Gentz, CTO of equinux. "Our collaboration with SonicWALL has been an excellent experience that is sure to be a great benefit for all SonicWALL/Mac-users."

Alongside DHCP over IPsec for SonicWALL VPN-Gateways, VPN Tracker also supports Client Provisioning via "Mode-Config," used by a variety of VPN-gateway manufacturers like Cisco and Juniper.

Both methods serve to automatically distribute the needed configuration-parameters, such as IP address, DNS-information, etc., from the VPN Gateway to the client. In large VPN implementations, "Client Provisioning" is a must.

equinux is offering the VPN Tracker 4.5 update free to all registered VPN Tracker 4.x users. This update is available at

Purchases and upgrades from VPN Tracker 3.x can be made at the equinux Online Store -