equinux introduces MediaCentral

The ultimate Entertainment Center for open standard multimedia formats is presented free-of-charge

San Francisco, California − January 10, 2006: equinux has released MediaCentral 1.0, a stunning new Media Entertainment solution for Mac OS X.

MediaCentral is built around a small, sufficient and very powerful media core system that is optimized in handling any kind of file format and media stream.

It offers playback capabilities for playing content from DVDs, TV input devices, and support movie files from a huge range of file types (like MPEG, AVI, DivX, Xvid). It allows you even to play back WebTV stations and offers an integrated web-based movie trailer database. It also plays back iTunes music library either on your Mac or on an connected iPod, even playbacking music via iTunes music sharing.

„MediaCentral started as a small multimedia project", says Martin Hering, Senior Software Developer at equinux, who started developing MediaCentral as a project in 2005. „Due to it's concept it is lightweight, slick and very easy to extend. We want the user to take advantage of the scattered Internet content in just a few clicks."

„I am thrilled by the the power of MediaCentral", adds Till Schadde, CEO of equinux. „We look forward to building a community around this application. Other developers will be able to extend the capabilities of MediaCentral."

MediaCentral uses the full screen of the Mac and can be controlled using a keyboard, any other Mac in a network or even Remote Control or Bluetooth ready mobile phones.

equinux offers MediaCentral as Freeware. It can be downloaded from

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