VPN Tracker 4.6.2 Adds Flexibility for Intel Macs

Latest VPN Tracker update includes many improvements

Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) − May 16, 2006: With the latest release of VPN Tracker, a variety of improvements have been made. From certificate creation on Intel Macs to additional DHCP functions for SonicOS Standard, plenty has been packed into this release of VPN Tracker. Additional improvements include:

  • Mode-Config will work with larger remote networks
  • If configured, log files will not be overwritten
  • DHCP requests are performed three times before a connection is stopped
  • Under certain circumstances, VPN Tracker claimed to many buffers (mbuf)
  • Traffic indicator functional under Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.3
  • Connection files can be imported from the "File" menu

VPN Tracker 4.6.2 is a free update for all 4.x users.
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