Tune into the amazing new MediaCentral 2

The amazing new MediaCentral 2 supports IP TV, TV, Movies, DVDs, Games, Music, IP Radio and Pictures, all readily available from local and online sources.

Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) − July 07, 2006: Today equinux is announcing a barrier breaking new version of their popular media center solution for Mac, MediaCentral.

The long anticipated release of MediaCentral 2 is a must-have for every Mac user. From easy customization of local and network content to first class online content, MediaCentral is like no other.

The main menu of MediaCentral gives a glimpse of it's powerful capabilities. MediaCentral now supports IP TV streams, native digital TV capabilities (DVB-T), Movie files and trailers, local and networked DVD, Games, Music, IP Radio and Pictures.

Using the latest technologies, MediaCentral provides unparalleled online content. Pre-configured IP TV Channels (10+ languages), internet radio, music clips, picture feeds, the latest movie trailers, classic arcade games and even direct access to the most popular videos from Google and YouTube. MediaCentral brings the best of live and prerecorded entertainment to your Mac.

equinux has also developed a feature called "My MediaCentral" that will let the end-user customize and add their own content to every category of MediaCentral. Whether you decide to add a new radio station or favorite home video, MediaCentral offers endless accommodations to fit your needs.

MediaCentral is currently localized in German and English. It comes standard with a detailed English manual. A German manual will be available by August.

Additional information and the full featured MediaCentral demo with a five minute time restriction are available online.

Availability and PricingMediaCentral is currently available online and will be available as a boxed retail version in the near future.

For endusers, equinux offers several options:

  • The "Personal Pack Single" allows you to install MediaCentral on one Mac for $29.95 (Euro 29.95 including VAT).
  • The "Personal Pack Pro" entitles you to use MediaCentral on 3 Macs for  $39.95 (Euro 39.95 including VAT).
  • The "Personal Pack Jumbo" allows you to use MediaCentral on up to 5 Macs for $59.95 (Euro 59.95 including VAT).
End user purchases can be made in the application using the "Buy now" menu item in MediaCentral.

For Commercial and Academic use, equinux offers volume licensing. This option is available in the equinux online .