CoverScout - iTunes' best buddy

CoverScout 2.1.1 ensures its compatibility with iTunes 7 and has been actualized as the ideal complement to iTunes' new Cover Flow feature.

Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) − September 22, 2006: With the release of iTunes 7, the feature to add missing album art to a user's iTunes library was included. The iTunes Store carries thousands but not all of album covers and therefore often does not find the right ones. CoverScout has been enhanced to even facilitate the search for hard-to-find covers. With its advanced Amazon and Google Images search options and on-the-fly iTunes synchronisation, users everywhere will have their library completely covered with CoverScout.

"Adding covers to your iTunes library and creating a visual stunning library has become more important with iTunes 7. But did you try to find all your cover art with iTunes 7? Our experiences show that a standard user only finds around 30-40% of their missing music covers with iTunes. So it's CoverScout's turn. The application is the ultimate iTunes companion to add ALL missing covers," states Till Schadde, CEO of equinux.

For more information about the latest release and all of CoverScout's features, please visit the CoverScout website. This release is free to all licensed CoverScout 2.x users. The Coverscout 2.x trailversion can be downloaded from online and is also available for purchase at the equinux Online Store.