New pricing structure for consumer products

Introducing Personal Pack Single, Pro and Jumbo

Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) − November 10, 2006: The pricing structure of the equinux consumer product range has been modified and unified. iSale, CoverScout, MediaCentral and On Air are now avaiable in three different personal packs: Single, Pro and Jumbo. The basic "Personal Pack Single" entitles the user to use the software on a single Mac. The affordable multi-license Packs "Personal Pack Pro" (for use on up to 3 Macs) and "Personal Pack Jumbo" (for 5 Macs) are catered to advanced users who want to use their applications on multiple macs (e.g. home, work and mobile).

The new products are available immediately in the equinux Online Store.