CoverScout 2.3 - iTunes' Best Buddy just got better

Support for QuickTime™ compatible webcams adds flexibility to the premier artwork solution for iTunes

Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) − November 27, 2006: More than ever, CoverScout is the perfect iTunes companion. While users could always search Amazon, Google Images or the Web with CoverScout, they were stuck with really rare or homemade albums. The brand new version 2.3 is here to help: With built-in support for iSight™ (and other QuickTime compatible webcams) and an integrated cover editor, CoverScout now offers maximal flexibility when covering the tracks. To round up this release, the developers added a "maintenance" status to the powerful status filter: Albums with unknown status, missing or incomplete covers are combined into a single view for convenient editing. Some known issues have been fixed, improving the application's overall stability.

This release is a free update for all CoverScout 2.x users and can be obtained from the CoverScout download page. Full and upgrade versions of CoverScout are available for purchase at the equinux online store.