equinux launches iSale 4 - brand new Version!

At Macworld 2007, equinux introduces brand new iSale 4, with a host of enhancements made to the two-time Apple Design Award winner.

San Francisco, California − January 09, 2007: iSale 4 incorporates almost two dozen new and enhanced features and is available immediately for download on the equinux website.

New Picture Functions
With manual picture scaling and cropping, iSale 4 introduces one of the most requested features. Swapping pictures between picture zones and picture dragging from web browsers round up iSale's next generation picture module.

Image Hosting: Save money and use Flickr
Hosting additional photos on eBay costs. Users can save money by hosting their images on .Mac, FTP or - new in version 4 - use their free Flickr account.

Advanced Template Functionality
The template chooser has been rewritten from the ground to offer greater flexibility and reliability. iSale 4 now includes over 130 professionally designed templates which can be filtered through a stylish and fast keyword system. Users can select and combine keywords, like Collectibles, Jewelry or Electronics, to find a reasonable selection of templates in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the integrated template update engine, new templates will load as soon as they become available.

Boosted Boilerplate Module
In iSale 3, users could define a standard signature for their auctions. iSale 4 lets them define default content for every single textbox in a template. Terms and conditions, individual shipping details, or just a friendly salutation - once the text is stored in the preferences, it will be reused for every new auction automatically.

iSale offers great print layouts to help you keep an overview of your sold items. List views are offered to simplify managing all auctions. They include important item details like article number and picture, title, eBay item number, listing fee, seller ID, status, pricing information and sales date of all or selected auctions. Shipping can be streamlined using iSale's address label layout. Advanced users can create their own print layouts using the detailed instructions in the manual.

Improved eBay and plugin; Delicious Library Support
Transfering item descriptions from Amazon or eBay has been improved and features previews with pictures. Moreover, users can also include items from their media collection stored in Delicious Library to save time on creating new listings.

Multiple eBay Accounts
Managing auctions for more than one eBay account at a time is a welcome addition for experienced eBay users. Switching between authorized accounts to submit new auctions is fast and simple. For updating the auction status, it is not even necessary to switch accounts iSale updates running auctions from all accounts transparently.

New Pinboard Themes
The classic iSale pinboard loved by many users is now complemented with 7 additional themes. Fabric-style pinboard, Cubicle, Wood, Chalkboard, Fridge, and more there's a theme for every user's mood.

Ready for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
equinux has a keen focus on utilizing the latest technologies. iSale 4 is well prepared for the future and ready anticipated release of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

Free Grace Period for iSale 3 users
iSale users who bought iSale 3 on or after Dec. 1st, 2006 are elegible to upgrade to iSale 4 free of charge. Specific information will be sent out to those customers over the next few days.

All users now buying and activating iSale 3 boxes in retail store, automatically receive an free update to the new version 4 once registered.

Pricing for Upgrades
Upgrades to iSale 4 from previous versions start at $19.95 and are available at the equinux Online Store.
Get your iSale Upgrade  until January 31st, 2007 and take advantage of our $5.00/5.00 introductory discount!