equinux features VPN Solution for Mac at Macworld

Access your home and business computer from anywhere in the world with the complete VPN package for everyone.

San Francisco, California − January 09, 2007: With the VPN Solution for Mac, equinux targets Mac users who wish secure access to their home computer or network from anywhere in the world using Virtual Private Network technology (VPN).

"Implementing a VPN connection to access sensitive computer data remotely used to be a privilege exclusive to large companies and tech-savvy professionals. With the VPN Solution, it's a matter of a few clicks.", says Ortwin Gentz, CTO of equinux.

The VPN Solution for Mac is both, software and hardware. The software is provided by equinux and the hardware comes from NETGEAR®, one of the most popular vendors of VPN gateways.

By combining software and a gateway device, the VPN Solution for Mac greatly simplifies the first steps in the world of secure communication.

An easy to read Quick Setup Guide and Setup Assistant, a native Mac application, make the setup process hassle-free. The software component also includes a specialized version of VPN Tracker, the market-leading VPN client for Mac, designed to take full advantage of the NETGEAR® routers.

If a single user needs access to a small home network, the VPN Solution for Mac Home Edition has been designed for this exact situation. The Home Edition includes a NETGEAR® ProSafe FVS114 Firewall.
The Business Edition provides business-class protection and is suitable for up to 8 simultaneous VPN connections. It contains the NETGEAR® ProSafe FVS318v3. The VPN Solution for Mac Business Edition is the perfect solution for accessing internal services like Mail, FileMaker or other internal databases remotely.

The software component, VPN Tracker Personal Edition for NETGEAR® is available at the equinux Online Store.
A free trial version of VPN Tracker Personal Edition for NETGEAR®, the Setup Assistant, and the Quick Setup Guide are available on the equinux website.

NETGEAR® hardware (the FVS114 and FVS318v3 devices) are available separately, from a variety of major distributors and retailers, including but not limited to: CompUSA, Fry's and

VPN Tracker Personal Edition for NETGEAR® starts at $89.90/Ä79.00*
Volume pricing is available when buying 2 or more licenses at time.
* Taxes may apply