equinux announces TubeStick digital TV for your Mac

TV on your Mac is fun! Now the price is too.

Munich, Germany − March 01, 2007: Today equinux is introducing TubeStick, a white Apple-esque DVB-T receiver designed exclusively for the Mac. TubeStick connects to a USB port and ships with equinux' new TV software "TheTube", TV on the Mac is now simple and intuitive. The device also works seamlessly with equinux' own media center solution, MediaCentral.

TubeStick is based on the DVB-T standard, which has found widespread adoption across Europe and is available in most European countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, France and the UK.

Here are the most important features of TubeStick and TheTube:

Fast location switching
For the user on-the-move, TubeStick offers the ability to store tuning information for multiple locations. And for even greater flexibility, those locations can be exported and transferred to other Macs.

Simple channel surfing
Users can easily switch to the channel they want by selecting it in the Channel Overview or by using their Apple Remote. The Channel Overview also displays the titles of all shows currently running.

An intelligent window
Watch TV while you work! TubeStick's flexible TV-window can be set to 'always-on-top' and adjusted to different window sizes. When resizing windows, they will automatically zoom back to their original position on the screen's edge or corner using the innovative "SmartZoom" feature. This is particularly handy for when you have briefly maximized a window and want to get back to work.

Record TV and take it with you
If you haven't got time to watch your favorite TV channel, simply record it with a single click. And afterwards, you don't only have to watch it on your Mac: TheTube's export feature can transfer any recording to your iPod, so it can be watched on-the-go, wherever life takes you. TheTube saves a preview image and information such as the shows name and length in the intuitive TV-archive.

Pricing and availability
TubeStick is available immediately. The product will be sold through Apple Retailers and in the equinux Online Store. The equinux Online Store currently ships to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Holland and Sweden.

TubeStick is available immediately as the TubeStick Special Edition, including TheTube and MediaCentral for a recommended retail price of 39,95 (incl. VAT).

More information about TubeStick (including technical details and product datasheets) can be found on the equinux website.