equinux introduces The Tube 1.1 with Timeshift and Déjà Vu

The Tube 1.1 is able to time-shift TV programs, record them even after they have started watching and even copy them to Apple TV.

Munich − May 10, 2007: From now on, The Tube-Users will never miss the the right time to start a recording. equinux has updated its TV software The Tube and integrated extended timeshift functionality, including Déjà Vu-Recording. Déjà Vu lets users rewind the currently running program and start a recording from an earlier point in the show. The improved exporting feature can transfer recordings to Apple TV, video iPods as well as iMovie.

Déjà Vu - start recording later

With the update to The Tube 1.1 users can not only pause and rewind their currently running TV shows, they can also start recording them a few minutes after they've started to watch them. This can be done by simply rewinding back to the point in time the Déjà Vu recording should start from and then clicking the record button.

Timeshift with intelligent disk space management

How far back users can rewind a TV show depends on when the channel was selected and how much disk space The Tube has been assigned. Once a channel has been picked, The Tube 1.1 automatically starts storing the show in the timeshift-cache. The current show can also be rewound back to the point when the channel was selected and recorded from that point on. By clicking the play/pause button, the current show can manually be paused and resumed using the timeshift functionality. An intelligent algorithm adjusts how much disk space The Tube is to utilize and adapts it dynamically, depending on how much space is left on the harddrive.

Connecting to Apple TV, iPod and iMovie

Not only can recorded shows be exported to a video iPod at different video qualities, The Tube can now also export recordings to Apple TV, using one of three different image quality settings. The new iMovie export feature enables the use of Apple's iLife application to edit recordings, e.g. to remove advertising breaks or to prepare recordings in order for them to be burnt to a DVD.

TV-Guide at a glance

In order to see what's on, right when the software is launched, The Tube stores the lastest EPG (electronic program guide) information and neatly displays the titles of currently running shows in the channel overview. This enables users to see all the currently running TV shows at a glance immediately after launching the software. Furthermore, The Tube 1.1. now also includes support for multiple audio channels. Audio channels can easily be switched with a simple click.

The Tube 1.1 is a free upgrade for all registered users and can be downloaded and installed using the built-in update feature. The Tube software is included with every TubeStick - the affordable DVB-T (DTT) solution from equinux that seamlessly integrates with MediaCentral, the complete media center solution for Mac OS X.


equinux ships The Tube together with TubeStick, its competitive USB-stick for receiving digital terrestrial television (DVB-T). Which countries until yet use DVB-T you'll find on TubeStick is available at Apple Resellers or directly in equinux' Online Store in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom - and now also in Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. From now on paypal is also accepted!