equinux makes TV better in MediaCentral 2.6

MediaCentral 2.6 includes Timeshift, Program Information and enhanced organization of TV-channels

Munich, Germany − June 01, 2007: San Mateo, USA / Munich, Germany - June 1st, 2007: In adddition to YouTube-videos, IP TV or any other picture streams, MediaCentral users are now able to watch digital TV (DTT) on their Macs easily and comfortably with TubeStick. equinux has updated its media center-software MediaCentral and enhanced the integration of its TV-software The Tube. MediaCentral 2.6 not only features timeshifted TV, but also simplifies the organization of TV-channels in both applications. Plus, MediaCentral shows all recordings from The Tube.

With just one click of a mouse, MediaCentral 2.6 displays all available information of the current program (EPG). Channel information, signal strength and the next program are shown by MediaCentral as soon as a channel is selected. On top of these new features, MediaCentral 2.6 also includes a few other enhancements. Not only can DVDs now be ejected without an attached keyboard, but the application is generally more stable and other minor issues have been fixed. Registered users can update to MediaCentral 2.6 free of charge by using the update function within the application or by downloading the software directly from the equinux website. A complete version of MediaCentral 2.6 is available from $29.95 (excl. tax) /29.95 (incl. German VAT). equinux is still currently offering TubeStick Special Edition - an introductory offer, which includes the TV-software The Tube, together with MediaCentral for only 39.95 (incl. German VAT).