Make your Covers flow in iPhone - with CoverScout

Get your iTunes ready for the new iPhone with CoverScout

Munich, Germany / San Mateo, CA − June 27, 2007: With the new iPhone, Apple is not just revolutionizing mobile Internet and mobile communication, but also the way you can browse through your music collection on your iPod: Using the wide display touch screen, you can search through your entire music collection with just one finger - just pick the album you want, flip the cover over and select the songs you want to hear.

All users wanting to benefit from this intuitive user interface concept will have to manage their iTunes music library. Anytime you buy a new song from the iTunes music store, Apple delivers the album cover right along with it. However, according to Jupiter Research, only 20% of the music on an iPod actually comes from the iTunes music store. The majority of people import their music CDs into itunes, making it easier to store their music all in one place - the iPod. iPod users can fit anywhere from 240 songs with the iPod shuffle and up to 20,000 songs with the newest generation of iPods, holding up to 80 GB.

The search in the iTunes music store is simplified

While iTunes automatically looks up the track information for any CDs you insert, finding the right cover for your CD can be more difficult: Since the release of iTunes 7, you can choose the command "Get Album Artwork" and it will automatically search for missing covers - of course all covers automatically come from the iTunes music store and there is no way to see if the album covers chosen are the ones you want to have.

As soon as the program starts, CoverScout gets all the songs from iTunes and presents them in a concise list. The overall design incorporates different colors and symbols that let you know - in just one glance - which album covers are missing, which ones are available and which ones have ID3 tags.

CoverScout saves lots of time

With just one click, CoverScout will search all Amazon websites as well as Google images for all missing cover albums. The results will be displayed in the Cover preview, allowing any images you choose to be applied to the songs. There's just no easier or faster way to complete your iTunes music library.

Of course, you can always just manually search for each cover (one song at a time), but why do all the work yourself, when CoverScout can do it for you? CoverScout loads your entire album and sorts all music albums for you, making it easier to search for covers.

Now, in the rare case you can't find the covers you're looking for on the Internet - there's no panic. You can just use your iSight camera or any other camera compatible with Quicktime to take a picture of the actual cover and later edit it in the CoverScout editor. No matter what it takes, we've got you covered.