The leading VPN client for the Mac gets even more connected

VPN Tracker 4.9.3 adds support for new devices from popular vendors

Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) − June 29, 2007: equinux extends the list of compatible devices for VPN Tracker. VPN Tracker 4.9.3 adds support for devices from D-Link, Netgear and ZyXEL, and updates device profiles for some of the most popular Netgear VPN routers. This version also fixes a minor problem with certificate handling.

equinux extensively tests new software and hardware to ensure compatibility with its VPN Client. VPN Tracker 4.9.3 works with the following new VPN gateways: D-Link DFL-800, Netgear FWG114P, and ZyXEL ZyWALL 2WG. It also provides updated profiles for Netgear's FVX538, FVS338 and FVS124G routers running firmware 2.x.

VPN Tracker remains the most versatile and flexible VPN client for Mac, supporting more than 300 devices to date. It's been built on a special IPSec implementation, enhanced with enterprise-level technologies like XAUTH, DHCP over IPSec, token support, and much more. VPN Tracker also handles NAT-T, to allow VPN connections from almost any Internet access point.

VPN Tracker 4.9.3 for free for all registered users. Full versions of VPN Tracker start from US$89. Upgrades from previous versions are available.