The Tube is ready for Apples iPhone

The Tube 1.1.2 adds iPhone Export and provides better picture quality

Munich, Germany − July 06, 2007: Today equinux released a new version of its TV software, The Tube. With The Tube 1.1.2 you're able to export all recordings from The Tube to your iPhone. You just have to select the recorded shows and choose between three different qualities to directly save them in iTunes.

The Tube 1.1.2 now uses AltiVec for de-interlacing, which helps improve the picture for those using G4 and G5 Macs. It also increases stability on G4 and G5 Macs, making the program overall more reliable. Finally, The Tube 1.1.2 has improved support for AppleScript, which is good news for customers who use AppleScript to program their recordings. The Tube 1.1.2 is free for every TubeStick customer. Make sure to get your copy today!