iSale 4.2 promises Mac users more flexibility to sell on eBay

equinux introduces iSale 4.2, with more than 200 graphic templates for eBay auctions

San Mateo, USA / Munich, Germany − July 27, 2007: Mac users can now experience even more success than before, with iSale 4.2. equinux adds more than 30 new templates in iSale 4.2, giving each user more than 200 layout templates to choose from. The wide selection of templates allows iSale users the opportunity to make their templates look as professional as possible. iSale 4.2 also makes a few smaller improvements, to make certain features more easily accessible. The latest addition of templates (a total of 32) incorporate a range of international flags to highlight regional specialities as well as predefined layouts that use a "highlighter" look to draw attention to the auction title. Not only does iSale offer more styling options than any other eBay solution, but it is also the only application to offer a sensible structure for your item description. Templates structured to give your auction everything it needs Every template in iSale includes areas for an introduction, description area, fields for shipping as well as payment options. Every template also includes a footer section for any additional information you might want to include to make your auctions more appealing. The only thing left to do is simply add the pictures to drop zones and size them accordingly.

Prices and Availability
Registered iSale 4.x users can download version 4.2 at no additional charge. Owners of previous iSale versions can upgrade in our online store, starting from $19.95. A full version of iSale can be purchased from Apple retailers or directly from our online store, starting at $39.95.