MediaCentral expands to more than 350 IP TV channels

The ultimate Media Center for the Mac: MediaCentral now offers an even wider selection of IP TV channels

San Mateo, USA − August 10, 2007: MediaCentral users new have a wider choice. equinux has added more than 25 new IP TV channels to its ultimative mediacenter solution for Mac to a total of over 350 IP TV feeds. The newly added channels include news form ABC, CBS, Discovery Channels and MTV to Comedy Central, Rocketboom sequels, or Macworld videos. MediaCentral even includes european channels like EuroNews and several local technology and entertainment programs.

The newly released MediaCentral 2.6.3 has also increased stability and runs faster that ever before. It improves compatibility with Apple's iTunes 7.3.2 and several IP TV channels. In addition to various IP TV feeds, MediaCentral offers numerous other forms of entertainment - movie trailers, YouTube videos, music, movies, a skype interface, iPhoto slideshows and online albums like .Mac or flickr. MediaCentral incorporates the simplicity of Mac OS X by integrating the Apple Remote, allowing its users to easily and conveniently browse through the channels and navigate through MediaCentral's intuitive user interface.