IFA 2007: The TV software The Tube opens new possibilities for timed recordings and reaches out to the TV-community

equinux introduces The Tube 1.5 with timed recordings, enhanced AppleScript support, improved TV-Guide (EPG) and new community features

Munich, Germany / San Mateo, USA − August 31, 2007: Munich, Germany / San Mateo, USA - August 31st, 2007: equinux released The Tube 1.5 in time for IFA 2007. After a successful four-week public beta phase, the release version of the most modern TV software for the Mac with scheduled recordings and a free electronic TV Guide (EPG) is now available. The Tube 1.5 also expands Applescript support for timed recordings and makes some improvements to the TV-interface. Users can now also send other users of The Tube a 'TV Tip'. TV Tips can be sent from a currently running show, the EPG or the timed recordings schedule.

New horizons for programmed TV recordings
Thanks to extended Applescript support, The Tube 1.5 offers new horizons for programmed recordings: The integrated TV guide makes it that timed recordings are really simple: A simple click on the desired show is enough to schedule a recording. If The Tube isn't running at the time of the show, it will start automatically.

The Tube 1.5 also supports manual start and end times, as well as a custom puffer before and after the scheduled show times. Now that these features can also be accessed via Applescript, equinux is offering 3rd party developers the opportunity to add even better support for The Tube to their own applications.

Visual feedback assists in programming recordings

Thanks to its visual feedback users see at a glance if multiple scheduled recordings overlap. The Tube indicates the conflict with a yellow warning sign in the scheduled recordings overview. The Tube will also automatically indicate which shows could potentially conflict with previously scheduled recordings whilst in EPG view. The integrated search field helps users to find interesting shows by not only searching through the names of shows, but also in EPG descriptions and genres. By clicking on its name, the user can choose to only view the TV guide for that specific channel.

Share TV Tips with friends

Users can now share their tips for current, upcoming and scheduled recordings with their friends: By right-clicking a show within the channel view, EPG or recording archive, The Tube lets users create a link to that show. When the recipient clicks the link, The Tube will open and display the TV tip directly.

Support for custom EPGs in the XMLTV format

The Tube 1.5 will display all available EPG data from the DVB-T data-stream in a convenient list view and can also display details about individual shows. Users who would like to find pictures or further information about a show can start a Google search from the context menu. The EPG data received via DVB-t can be supplemented or replaced by user-specified EPG data in XMLTV format.