The Tube 2.0 brings the TV community closer together

equinux introduces TV solution, The Tube 2.0, with TV Chat and a list of new other features

San Mateo, USA / Munich, Germany − December 13, 2007: Today equinux introduced The Tube 2.0, the second generation of its popular TV software for the Mac, adding new community-oriented features. Using the new TubeTalk feature, TV viewers can chat with one another about the current program or even follow other users as they channel surf with BuddySurfing. In addition, The Tube 2.0 simplifies the overall recording process and adds a new list of features to The Tube.

More conversation while watching TV with TubeTalk

With TubeTalk, equinux brings the TV community together. For every running television program, there is a visible chat room, in which all viewers can use to chat with one another. In the channel list, each viewer can see how many viewers are currently watching the running program for each channel, as well as when new messages are being sent. Each user can create their own profile, complete with user name, picture and status. The only thing needed to register is an equinux ID. To make it easier to find other users, you can search under all available profile information, allowing you to add your TV buddies to your TV buddy list.

BuddySurfing - let your buddies channel surf for you

Any true couch potato will be excited about BuddySurfing in The Tube 2.0. With just one click, you can automate your TV surfing, by setting The Tube to automatically switch the channel along with one of your buddies. So when your buddy changes to channel 1, 3 and then 6, The Tube will automatically change your channels to 1, 3 and then 6.

Recording and Navigation made easy

Even if you manually start a recording, The Tube 2.0 will automatically stop the recording, as soon as the program is over. And The Tube 2.0 simplifies the overall recording process. Once you have a program scheduled for a recording in the EPG, The Tube automatically grays out any other shows during that time slot, so there won't be any problems with overlapping. Even if the computer is in sleep mode when a recording is scheduled, The Tube will wake the computer up when the recording begins and switch it back to sleep once the recording has finished.

Easily Find and Save Recordings

To find saved recording faster and easier, simply search by name or date and search for keywords in the description texts, to help you easily narrow your search. Users can even search via Spotlight, now that all recordings are saved in the Movies folder. And those TV watchers, using Mac OS X 10.5 can take advantage of the Leopard QuickLook feature and find all necessary recording details at a glance.

Prices and Availability

Registered users can immediately download The Tube 2.0 for free from the equinux Website or by using the update function in The Tube. A full version of The Tube software can be purchased in the equinux Online Store for 19.95 (German VAT may be included in this price), or The Tube can be purchased with the DVB-T (DTT) USB receiver TubeStick for 39.95 (German VAT may be included in this price).