equinux brings TV to Mac, iPhone and iPod with TubeStick hybrid and TubeToGo

equinux introduces its TV receiver for the US, TubeStick hybrid, The Tube 2.0 with TubeToGo webservices for watching TV on the go

San Francisco, USA − January 15, 2008: Today equinux entered the TV receiver market for Mac OS X in the United States. equinux' TubeStick hybrid offers more flexibility to enjoy your favorite TV shows on your Mac, iPhone or iPod. The newly announced USB TV receiver allows you to watch, pause and record live television on your Mac in HD quality. And with The Tube software that comes with TubeStick hybrid, users can even chat with other viewers during each TV show. With the new TubeToGo web services you can schedule, manage, publish and watch TV recordings via iPhone or iPod touch on the go.

"We're really excited to introduce TubeStick hybrid today. Nearly ten months after we started to reinvent digital television on the Mac with our The Tube software, we're more than happy to provide our solution to US customers as well", says equinux CEO Till Schadde. "With TubeToGo we introduced another thrilling add-on, that brings your TV recordings directly to your iPhone or iPod touch."

TubeStick hybrid - Always Ready for Reception

TubeStick hybrid has two built-in receivers, enabling you to watch free-to-air digital HDTV (ATSC) as well as digital (QAM) and analog (NTSC) cable television. In areas with ATSC, reception can be picked up by the antenna, in HD quality. The TubeStick hybrid has a white, minimalist design and is one of the smallest devices in its class. It comes with a white compact antenna and a break-out cable, that allows users to connect to their camcorders, analog video recorders and game consoles using S-Video or Composite. TubeStick hybrid is designed to fit perfectly in the USB port of MacBooks and MacBook Pros, without blocking other necessary plugs.

Watch, Chat, Record, and Go with The Tube

TubeStick hybrid includes The Tube 2, equinux' latest edition of its TV solution for Mac users. The Tube is the latest TV software for Mac OS X, that allows you to watch, pause and record your favorite TV shows on your Mac. You can even chat with other TV viewers, while watching a TV program, using the TubeTalk feature. The Tube provides you with manual and automatic Timeshift and lets you rewind the current program to record it from start with its Déjà Vu functionality. With The Tube you can schedule recordings of your favorite TV shows, manage them in a library and sort them by name or by date. The Tube supports Mac OS X's Spotlight to search for recordings and displays a QuickLook preview when showing them in Finder for Mac OS X 10.5.

Remotely Manage and Access your Favorite Recordings

Today equinux also introduced TubeToGo, an optional web-based service that allows you to remotely schedule, manage and watch your recordings with your iPhone or iPod on the go. TubeToGo lets you remotely schedule recordings via a web-based iPhone application, and publish your recordings library on .Mac or to a remote FTP server and watch it via WiFi connection on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can also setup The Tube to automatically create Video Podcasts to watch your favorite shows on the go, even when you're offline.

Price and Availability

TubeStick hybrid will be available, starting in February at your local Apple reseller, from Amazon or the equinux Online Store for only $129.95. TubeStick hybrid is exclusively designed for the US market. TubeStick hybrid is shipped with the latest edition of The Tube and a one month trail for TubeToGo web service. TubeToGo will also be available from February on a subscription basis.