equinux starts shipping iSale 5

iSale 5 with Research Assistant, Template Editor, Facebook Integration and more new features

San Mateo, USA / Munich, Germany − January 31, 2008: equinux has just released the fifth generation of its award-winning online auction management solution, iSale. iSale 5 offers all Mac users a way to flexibly create and manage their online eBay auctions. The Template Editor allows each of the 222 templates, included with iSale, to be easily edited to fit the user's needs. Additionally, iSale 5 simplifies the search for product information and pictures for your auctions and can import product details from your database.

Import and search for product information

With the new Research Assistant, product descriptions can be easily taken from FileMaker databases and Delicious Library and then added to an auction per mouse click. Additional plug-ins allow you to research product information, as well as pictures, using Google, Amazon, the ISBN Database (for books) and any other website a user might wish to use. The Research Assistant saves all of the information it collects in a folder, so it can easily be copied and pasted into your auctions.

"All iSale users will greatly benefit from the new version. iSale 5 not only gives you the possibility to manage and create your auctions, but it now also shortens the time it takes to look up information about the items you're selling," says equinux CEO Till Schadde. "iSale 5 is the most powerful and comprehensive online auction management software that equinux has ever released. iSale 5 includes an all-new Template Editor that allows users to edit over 200 iSale templates and save them under Favorites.

Manage and Archive Auctions

Anyone who wants to let his contacts know about any upcoming auctions, can post running auctions on his Facebook profile. And iSale 5 makes it possible to manage multiple libraries, allowing users to archive old auctions.

Full power with Mac OS X

iSale 5 takes full advantage of new functions and capabilities in Leopard. The user interface reflects the style and design of Leopard, as well as the other features from Leopard that seamlessly integrate into iSale. iSale 5 used the systemwide Calendar system so users can manage their deadlines and the QuickLook preview allows all users to find any auction with Finder. To benefit from all of the new features, iSale 5 requires Mac OS X 10.5.

Prices and Availability

Upgrades for iSale 5 are available starting today for $19.95. And all customers, that purchased their iSale license after December 15th, 2007 can upgrade for free at Full version of iSale 5 are available, starting at $39.95.