MediaCentral expands Entertainment Channels

equinux adds new IPTV-Channels, Videostreams and international Webradio Stations to its Mediacenter Solution for Mac

San Mateo, USA / Munich, Germany − February 19, 2008: equinux has expanded the content and channel offerings within MediaCentral, the ultimate media center application for Mac. The new IPTV Channels offered cover a range of genres and include many topics from Computers, Technology and Science to exclusive reports and even classic animation. A portion of these new additions are available in HD-quality. MediaCentral now offers over 400 video and radio streams under one roof.

"With this content update, MediaCentral underlines its strength as the most robust Media Center for each and every Mac user" said equinux-CEO Till Schadde. "Building such a strong and broad selection of channel and content offerings would not have been possible without the assistance of all those MediaCentral users' who send in their favorite content links and ideas."

In addition to the new IPTV channels and international webradio stations, MediaCentral also contains the latest film trailers, music videos and most interesting photo-streams. The spectrum for quality content is becoming broader and richer, expanding the endless possibilities of MediaCentral. Fascinating and interesting content that users find and wish to see added to MediaCentral can be sent to equinux via the MediaCentral website (

MediaCentral, equinux' media center integrates all kinds of media formats in one application and turns a Mac into the ultimate home theater system and information center. All popular audio and video formats, IP TV, digital TV, Music, Movies, DVD, IP Radio, Games, Pictures and Skype are fully supported.