equinux presents plug-and-play solution for Mac UPS management

APC Tracker now supports APC Network Management Cards.

Munich (Germany) / Boston (USA) − April 15, 2002: The equinux APC Tracker in combination with the widely-used APC Network Management Cards (i.e. APC Web/SNMP Card) is the perfect solution for protecting Macintosh networks against power failures. On startup, the application connects to the Network Management Card, which sends a signal to the client in case of a power failure in order to properly shut down the computer.

Today, as computer networks spread through companies, a central UPS which safeguards all computers connected to the network is a solution both straightforward and economic. In this case, an application which powers down the computers connected to the UPS ideally communicates with the UPS over the network rather than a serial or USB connection. APC Network Management Cards, which add a network connection to an APC UPS, in conjunction with APC Tracker, the client software for Mac OS, build up the new dream team for robust Mac based productions environments. APC Tracker makes the task of securing a network of computers against power failures easier than ever - or just as easy as Mac users expect things to be.

In addition to the new APC Network Management Card support, APC Tracker can also communicate with the open-source APCUPSd software, which runs under Unix (including Linux) and Windows.

APC Tracker 2 offers the following great features:

  • real Macintosh-like plug-and-play installation and configuration
  • status window with information about the UPS battery, load, temperature, voltage, battery date etc.
  • emails in case of power failures or errors
  • adjustable shutdown timer
  • runs under both Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X
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