SongGenie cleans up your music library

equinux releases SongGenie to detect music tracks and repair description texts

South San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany − January 05, 2009: Untitled and incorrect music titles in your iTunes library are now history. Today equinux released SongGenie, a software application designed to analyze, identify and complete music data. SongGenie constructs an acoustic fingerprint of each track and, based on specific characteristics, detects the appropriate artist name, song title and album title.

SongGenie automatically identifies tracks containing incomplete or incorrect information. It even detects music titles for tracks with no artist, album or song title information; titles that were digitalized without extra information and are therefore called, for example, "Title 01" and additional characters that suggest incorrect names like an underline.  

Using an acoustic fingerprint, SongGenie determines which track to work on and intuitively inserts the correct information in its user interface. With just a click, the appropriate description text is transferred to the track in question.

"SongGenie taps the full potential of the iPhone, iPod and iTunes: The Genius function in iTunes 8 profits particularly well from a complete music library, " said equinux CEO Till Schadde. "It doesn't get easier to care for one's music archive than with SongGenie and CoverScout."

Price and Availability

SongGenie is now available for USD 29.95 (24,95 Euro) in the equinux Online Store and will soon be available from Apple resellers. Moreover, SongGenie is also available in a bundle with CoverScout 3 for USD 54.90 (49,95 Euro) in the Online Store. SongGenie is localized in English and German.