MediaCentral improves its reception and supports more TV devices

With the new update of MediaCentral 2.8.4 tuning and searching TV channels has been improved drastically and you can now view digital unencrypted cable TV (DVB-C) in Europe with the Hauppauge HVR-930C.

South San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany − March 24, 2009: If you live in an area with weak DVB-TT (DTT) reception you will be happy to hear that MediaCentral now supports Hauppauge's Nova-TD receiver with two combined digital TV receivers for better reception. If you don't have DVB-T (DTT) at all, then Hauppauge's HVR-900H is the best solution for you: It combines an analog and a digital receiver in one stick.

MediaCentral turns your Mac into the ultimate home theatre system and integrates a range of media formats into one application. All popular audio and video formats, IP TV, digital TV, Music, Movies, DVD, IP Radio, Games, Pictures and Skype are fully supported.

Now you can turn your living room into the ultimate fully-featured Media Centre with TV in the highest quality.

See the complete list of all compatible TV devices for MediaCentral.