VPN Tracker is available – quick and easy secure networking with Mac OS X 10.2

A powerful tool for IPsec networking that helps you connect to VPN hardware and software with Mac OS 10.2.

Boston (USA) − September 24, 2002: Secure networking is becoming ever more important – the new equinux VPN Tracker helps you to set up such networks under Mac OS 10.2.

You can easily establish a secure connection between two Mac OS X based computers using VPN Tracker. Just enter your partner’s IP-address and click "start". After a few seconds the connection will be established and all traffic using the standard internet protocols (e.g. file transfers) will be encrypted. VPN Tracker not only replaces expensive hardware, it also helps you to connect a “road-warrior” via dial-up connection to the office LAN.

VPN Tracker makes securing Airport networks a snap: Once installed on a gateway Mac, all VPN Tracker equipped Macs in the WLAN send their data encrypted to the Airport station.

VPN Tracker is the Mac OS X solution for a wide range of VPN systems that are currently not supported by the Apple platform. It comes with preconfigured settings for third party VPN devices.

Based on the industry standard IPsec, connecting to other VPN software such as Windows 2000 or FreeS/WAN (Linux), is simple.

Why use special hardware in your network to setup VPN gateways?
VPN Tracker saves a lot of of money by connecting two or more offices through a secure internet tunnel connection, instead of using an expensive hardware solution.. Particularly in combination with Mac OS X 10.2 Server, VPN is the most economic security tool on the market for VPN connections.

A fully functional free trial is available – try then buy!

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