TubeStick Map: Which digital TV channels can I get?

equinux presents an interactive map for digital television reception (DVB-T/ATSC)

Munich, Germany / South San Francisco, California − July 02, 2009: Munich, Germany / South San Francisco, USA - July 2nd, 2009. equinux presents TubeStick Map: the brand new digital TV availability resource. This interactive tool based on Google Maps gives you a good idea as to which digital free-to-air (e.g. DVB-T or ATSC) TV channels you'll be able to receive on your Mac. The listings on the TubeStick Map are based on the channel lists and ZIP codes of existing TubeStick users worldwide in regions as diverse as Europe, Australia and North America.

Viewing channel listings for your area couldn't be simpler with TubeStick Map. All you need to do is select your country, enter a ZIP code and the TubeStick map will list the channels avalible in that area. TubeStick Map is available via

TubeStick is the innovative solution for Mac users who would like to do more than simply convert their Mac into a video recorder. Stream live TV directly from your Mac to your iPhone and remotely schedule recordings, ready to watch them later on your Mac or even on the go. For TubeStick hybrid users in the US TubeStick includes a one year subscription for the TubeGuide US electronic TV guide. For those in Australia the TubeStick is fully compatible with the ice TV program guide.