Live TV on the iPhone: More Comfort with Progress and Comfort of TV Shows

equinux presents The Tube 2.9.4 and Live TV 1.1 with numerous improvements

South San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany − September 03, 2009: Live TV on the iPhone is now even more enjoyable. The iPhone app that allows you to stream Live TV to the iPhone now displays viewer ratings, the remaining duration of currently running TV shows and also adds sorting features. equinux also released The Tube 2.9.4, the innovative TV solution for Mac users, that together with Live TV 1.1 enables Live TV on the iPhone.

"Live TV and The Tube underline our strategy of innovation when it comes to television on Mac and iPhone," says equinux CEO Till Schadde. "To us, modern television means: mobility, easy control and being ready to embrace new technologies - and that is what we have achieved with Live TV."

In the channel list, Live TV displays the currently running TV shows right alongside each station. Additionally the progress of TV shows is also displayed. To help find the most popular show, Live TV also pulls the viewer ratings from The Tube and displays them right on the iPhone. The user can also sort the available stations by number of viewers, to quickly find the perfect show.

The Tube 2.9.4 adds the remaining show length and viewer ratings to this release. The update to The Tube 2.9.4 is free of charge for registered users. To stream TV from a Mac to an iPhone, The Tube and Live TV must be connected to the same WiFi network.