Preview release of the new 1.5 version of VPN Tracker for Mac OS X announced today

Better interoperability with 3rd party solutions and better integration into corporate Firewall structures.

Boston/ München − December 20, 2002: equinux, Inc. today announced a major preview release of the new, up-and-coming version 1.5 of VPN Tracker. The new version is a complete revision of all previous releases and contains many significant enhancements and new features.

VPN Tracker 1.5 exhibits even better interoperability with 3rd party VPN solutions (eg. WatchGuard Firebox, Draytek Vigor) than previous releases of VPN Tracker and integrates more successfully into corporate Firewall structures. Most significantly, this is achieved through the added possibility to specify a local virtual IP address in the new version. A full overview of all the new features in version PR 1.5 is available on the version history page of the VPN Tracker section of this website.

The VPN Tracker 1.5 preview release is available to download now and equinux is offering a free upgrade to the final version. The continuously competitive prices range from US $79,79 for a single license to US $2.699,00 for 100 licenses for the Personal Edition and from just US $199,90 to US$ 7.999,00 for the Professional Edition.

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