equinux redefines quality of iPhone-based TV guides with new TV Movie app

New Flat Rate version provides recommendations, search ability and more TV program listings than ever

South San Francisco − December 18, 2009: The electronic TV guide is now not only pocket-sized but has also become even more intelligent. The new TV Movie iPhone app can provide you with more program details, personalized recommendations, track your TV preferences and perform powerful searches throughout the entire guide. You can access all these features and more with the new TV Movie Flat Rate.

Automatically displays TV program highlights

With the new TV Movie iPhone app, you can see which programs are highly recommended by TV Movie, and sort by starting time, genre or channel. You can also receive tailored recommendations, by entering in your own keywords as search criteria. For example, you could save the names of your favourite actors, TV series and genres as permanent search criteria and receive personalized daily tips about programs that you might find interesting.

The TV Movie app conducts intensive searches throughout the entire 14-day TV guide according to your search criteria to provide you with the most effective recommendations. The app will even remember your TV preferences so you'll never miss a highlight again.

More value with TV Movie Flatrate

All features included in the basic version of the TV Movie iPhone app can continue to be enjoyed as before, however with the Flat Rate you can take advantage of many more new and enhanced features. Extra features include an extended TV guide - that is, a full 14-day program listing instead ofjust a 7-day program - an intensive search tool, program recommendations, a TV planner, a preview gallery to enjoy exclusive images in full screen and much more.

App and Flat Rate Prices

The TV Movie App is available for download as a basic version for only 0.79 on the iPhone App Store. The Flat Rate is available for 0.79 for two months or for an introductory price of 2.99 for 12 months of access and can be purchased from within the basic app.