equinux and WatchGuard present the complete VPN solution for Mac users

equinux releases VPN Tracker 6.2.1 with improved compatibility for WatchGuard-Firewalls

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA − April 19, 2010:

Mac users can now benefit from the safety and comfort of VPN Tracker 6 in partnership with WatchGuard security appliances. equinux VPN Tracker 6.2.1 is an update to the market leading IPsec based VPN client for Mac OS X. VPN Tracker 6.2.1 now supports Watchguard Fireware XTM-based devices, such as the Firebox X Edge, Core and Peak e-Series and all XTM Series devices.

"Through our close cooperation with WatchGuard even more Mac users can benefit from the comfort of a Secure Desktop in VPN Tracker 6", according to equinux CEO Till Schadde. "With the new WatchGuard firmware and VPN Tracker 6 the integration of VPN workstations on the Mac is easier than ever. The numerous workflow-oriented features of VPN Tracker 6 can actually reduce the cost of IT administration."

"We are looking forward to offering Mac users an optimal solution together with VPN Tracker 6", says Michael Haas, Regional Sales Manager D-A-CH-EE at WatchGuard Technologies. "Owing to the benefits of our security appliances and with VPN Tracker 6, Macs can be quickly, conveniently and easily integrated into VPN networks."

VPN Tracker 6.2.1 contains pre-configured device profiles for the WatchGuard XTM-2, 5, 8 and 10 Series and the firewalls of the Firebox X Edge, Core, and Peak e-Series. The related configuration instructions for the devices are already available at

VPN Tracker 6 offers the new Secure Desktop, gathering your standard applications in a central location: check e-mails, open files from the server, use Remote Desktop or restart Windows applications using Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. The Secure Desktop automatically builds the necessary VPN connections, disconnecting safely once finished.


Registered VPN Tracker 6 users can upgrade to version 6.2.1 for free. VPN Tracker 6 licenses are available from 79 Euro (local taxes may apply) at Apple resellers and the equinux Online Store. Owners of a previous version can upgrade to VPN Tracker 6 or VPN Tracker Business Packs for a discounted price. Those who wish to test VPN Tracker 6 can automatically import existing VPN connections without risk of effecting their existing installation.

About VPN Tracker

VPN Tracker is the premier VPN client for Mac OS X, allowing safe data transfer between your Mac and your remote networks. VPN Tracker 6 brings the workflow of the mobile user to the foreground. The starting point is the "Secure Desktop". Here users' documents, website addresses, applications and scripts can all be easily organized giving VPN users the direct access they need most. Every item in the Secure Desktop can be completely configured and linked to any one of the users' VPN connections. Administrators and consultants can easily create multiple Secure Desktops which can also be pre-configured and exported to specific users. Along with IPsec-based connections, VPN Tracker can also integrate any existing L2TP and PPTP-based VPN connection in the same user interface.