VPN Tracker and ZyXEL connect Macs securely to business networks

equinux releases VPN Tracker 6.2.2 with new connection profiles for VPN gateways from ZyXEL

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA − June 15, 2010:

equinux releases VPN Tracker 6.2.2 with new connection profiles for VPN gateways from ZyXEL

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA - 19th May 2010: Mac users can now benefit from the safety and comfort of VPN Tracker 6 when using a ZyXEL based VPN. equinux has released VPN Tracker 6.2.2, another free update to its market-leading IPsec based VPN solution for Mac OS X. VPN Tracker 6.2.2 contains new connection profiles for all ZyWALL Unified Security Gateways (USG) and the ZyWALL 1050 Internet Security Appliance. Configuration instructions for this and other VPN gateways from ZyXEL are free to download from

"We have worked closely with ZyXEL to increase the interoperability of VPN Tracker 6 with their attractive security appliances", says equinux CEO Till Schadde. "We're pleased to be able to meet the requests of customers in Switzerland, who wished for support of the new ZyXEL devices in VPN Tracker 6."

"With the combination of ZyXEL Internet Security Appliances and equinux's VPN Tracker 6 we have another attractive addition to our solution approach, increasing the customer satisfaction for our popular ZyWALL security appliance series" emphasizes ZyXEL's Head of Enterprise Solution Business Unit, Alpha Chen.

VPN Tracker 6 offers the new Secure Desktop, gathering your standard applications in a central location: check e-mails, open files from the server, use Remote Desktop or restart Windows applications using Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. The Secure Desktop automatically builds the necessary VPN connections, disconnecting safely once finished. VPN Tracker has become the standard issue for Mac users looking for secure communication with remote networks.

Pricing and Availability

Registered VPN Tracker 6 users can upgrade to version 6.2.2 for free. VPN Tracker 6 licenses are available from 79 Euro (local taxes may apply) at Apple resellers and the equinux Online Store. Owners of a previous version can upgrade to VPN Tracker 6 or VPN Tracker Business Packs for a discounted price. Those who wish to test VPN Tracker 6 can automatically import existing VPN connections without risk of effecting their existing installation.

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