Integrating iPhones and iPads in business with TARMAC

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA − June 01, 2010:

Today we've unveiled TARMAC, the first iPhone and iPad provisioning tool for deploying personalized configuration profiles over-the-air in businesses.

What does that mean exactly? Up until now, there was no dedicated solution for deploying user profiles for the just the iPhone and iPad in a simple, over-the-air way. TARMAC connects with existing directory services on a company's network and automatically creates personalized configuration profiles for iPhone and iPad users. With the TARMAC web interface, users with no technical knowledge can set up their work email, contacts and calendars as well as receiving personalized security settings based on their role in the company. To install a profile on their iPhone or iPad themselves, users simply log in to the TARMAC web interface and follow a few simple steps.

TARMAC is an ideal solution for network administrators who need to deploy new iPhones and iPads in medium and large sized enterprises. Using existing Active Directory, Open Directory, Open LDAP or MySQL databases, TARMAC acts as middleware on a company's network.

To try out TARMAC's capabilities on a live demo environment, go to and register for a free demo account. Once made available, you can check out the admin interface and download real user profiles to your iPhone. For more TARMAC information, visit