iPhone and iPad integration for businesses

equinux releases TARMAC: the over-the-air solution for setting up iPhones and iPads in business

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA − June 01, 2010:

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA - 1st June 2010: Companies can now integrate the iPhone and iPad into their IT infrastructure with equinux's safe and cost effective solution. TARMAC is the first professional provisioning tool tailored specifically for the Apple platform. With TARMAC medium to large enterprises can securely set up and manage their iPhones and iPads over-the-air.

"TARMAC is a milestone for the use of the iPhone and iPad in businesses", says equinux CEO TIll Schadde. "We've tailored TARMAC specifically to the iPhone platform rather than for a myriad of other devices. TARMAC is the only dedicated solution for the iPhone and iPad, making no technical compromises."

Businesses can use TARMAC to remotely set up their iPhones and iPads without needing to manually connect them to a machine. TARMAC Server operates within a company's network and using an existing directory service to automatically create personalized user profiles.

TARMAC is installed as middleware on a company's network, and supports directory services in Active Directory, Open Directory, Open LDAP and MySQL databases. The configuration settings available in TARMAC guarantee safety in provisioning iPhones and iPads.

To install a profile on their iPhone or iPad themselves, users simply log in to the TARMAC web interface via the company's intranet or over a secure internet connection and follow a few simple steps.

Demo and availability

Installation requires an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or newer (Client and Server). TARMAC is now available through selected channel partners. Retailers and Apple consultants interested in distributing TARMAC can visit our website for details on how to apply. Administrators and consultants can register on the equinux website to try out a demo installation of TARMAC.