Create online auctions in under 180 seconds with iSale express

equinux introduces iSale express, the lightweight eBay auction manager for under $10 (10)

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA − August 04, 2010:

From today Mac users can create quick and simple eBay auctions in style. equinux introduces iSale express, a lightweight and lightning quick auction manager for those who want to sell off their items without the usual stumbling blocks. iSale express will appeal to eBay users who wish to sell from time to time, without the need for Power Seller functions.

iSale express is based on the Apple Design Award winning concept of iSale. iSale express offers the necessary functions to create great looking auctions and get them online with a minimum of fuss. Above all, Mac users who only occasionally sell on eBay can use the low-priced software to get their auctions up and running without distraction.

In under 3 minutes users can draw up an auction and submit it to eBay. iSale express offers three high quality templates, automatic status updates, smart groups and support for Gallery and Supersized auction photos. As opposed to the regular iSale, iSale express offers first and foremost the features which make eBay sellers' lives easier. iSale express is based on the same engine as iSale 5.6 and made by the same designers.

Price and availability

iSale express is available immediately for just 9.95 in the equinux Online Store in English, German and French. With this low price iSale express soon pays for itself for casual eBay sellers, without losing the comfort of a sophisticated software solution.