SonicWALL and equinux bring secure connectivity to Apple Macintosh Platform

VPN Tracker on SonicWALL Firewall Appliances Creates Secure VPN Connections for Mac OS X.

Sunnyvale, CA − January 21, 2003: SonicWALL, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNWL), a leader in comprehensive Internet security solutions, announces a relationship with equinux Inc. to extend secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity to the Apple Macintosh OS X 10.2 platform. The union of equinux VPN Tracker and SonicWALL creates a solution that enables Mac-users to securely connect to the corporate network using the flexibility of the Internet, without compromising their companies’ interests.

In today’s highly mobile business environment, employees are no longer restricted to working at their offices or from desktop computers. Running the equinux VPN Tracker, mobile and remote workers on the Macintosh platform can establish a secure VPN connection to a SonicWALL-secured corporate network from nearly anywhere in the world. The stateful packet inspection firewall capabilities of the SonicWALL firewall protect against the security threats that the Internet can pose, either from viruses and attacks or from the interception of private data.

“We recognize that small and medium-sized businesses have heterogeneous network environments and require secure connectivity, regardless of their computing platforms,” said Douglas Brockett, SonicWALL vice president of worldwide marketing. “We’re pleased to work with equinux to extend our reach to the Macintosh market, bringing secure connectivity to Mac OS X users worldwide.”

“This relationship combines SonicWALL’s leadership in security solutions for businesses with equinux’s strength in versatile VPN software,” said Ortwin Gentz, equinux vice president of CTO. “The end result allows Mac OS X users to safely and easily connect to their companies’ network while at home or on the road.”

Compliant with all SonicWALL stateful packet inspection firewall appliances, equinux VPN Tracker software runs on a Macintosh system as a VPN Client, allowing mobile or remote workers to safely connect to a corporate network protected by a SonicWALL Internet security appliance.

VPN Tracker is available in Personal and Professional Editions. The VPN Tracker Personal Edition is the ideal solution for mobile users who want to secure a single network connection such as an office dial-up connection or a remote computer. The VPN Tracker Professional Edition is full-featured for network routing capabilities, and can be used to connect two or more networks through a secure Internet tunnel.

Pricing and Availability
The SonicWALL-compatible equinux VPN Tracker for Mac OS X is now available in English language versions via the equinux website and from authorized equinux resellers worldwide. VPN Tracker pricing for the Personal Edition starts from US$/EUR 79.90 and the Professional Edition starts from US$/EUR 199.90. For more information, visit or
About equinux

Founded in 1998, with offices in Munich and Boston, equinux develops systems software for the Apple Mac platform, in particular for the Mac OS X. equinux is committed to producing advanced, user-friendly software systems. With its unique product VPN Tracker equinux has provided an extensive VPN software solution for the Mac OS X platform. For more information, contact equinux at 011 49 89 520465-280 or visit the company website at

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SonicWALL, Inc. is the leading provider of integrated Internet security appliances offering access security, transaction security and security services for the enterprise, e-commerce, SME, education and government markets. Core technologies include firewall, VPN, SSL, high availability, anti-virus, strong authentication with digital certificates, vulnerability assessment and content filtering. Together, these products and technologies provide the most comprehensive Distributed Security Architecture available. SonicWALL, Inc. is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. SonicWALL trades on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol SNWL. For more information, contact SonicWALL at 408-745-9600 or visit the company Web site at

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