TARMAC with Mobile Device Management

equinux readies TARMAC for Mobile Device Management

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA − November 10, 2010:

Munich, Germany / San Francisco, USA - 10th November 2010: TARMAC 1.3 has arrived. The latest version of our provisioning solution means the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can now be integrated into your business networks even easier and more securely than before. IT managers can set up and manage devices iOS4 based remotely over-the-air - soon to be featuring Mobile Device Management.

Our specialized solution for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is optimized to use the technical capabilities of Apple mobile devices. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the next big step. Whether inventory management or active mobile device management, TARMAC supports all the Mobile Device Management features found in iOS4, allowing over-the-air set up and maintenance of iPads and iPhones. Once the devices are rolled out by the MDM server and are registered by TARMAC, your IT administrators can push updated user profiles, change settings or even wipe the device remotely. Mobile Device Management allows various device information to be retrieved over the air, such as current operator, iOS version, installed apps, or the current security settings.

Die auf iPad, iPhone und iPod touch spezialisierte Lösung nutzt das technologische Spektrum der Apple-Geräte optimal. Und geht mit Mobile Device Management (MDM) konsequent den nächsten Schritt. Egal ob Inventory Management oder aktives Mobile Device Management TARMAC unterstützt mit dem MDM alle Befehle, die iOS 4 auf dem iPad und iPhone over-the-air (OTA) erlaubt. Sind also die Geräte beim Rollout am MDM-Server von TARMAC angemeldet, aktualisieren IT-Manager Benutzerprofile, ändern Einstellungen oder ermöglichen den Zugriff auf Apps. Geräteinformationen wie aktueller Netzbetreiber, iOS-Version oder installierte Apps lassen sich genauso OTA abrufen wie die Sicherheitseinstellungen. Auch kann jedes Gerät aus der Ferne gelöscht werden.

Above all TARMAC raises security levels with Mobile Device Management. Companies who change their security policies need only push the new settings over the air to all associated devices, without requiring user input. Should a mobile device be lost, your IT manager can lock the device remotely, reset the password and clear all data. User profiles can be configured to lock out apps such as iTunes or YouTube, as well as certain websites.

Mobile Device Management is an important milestone on the TARMAC roadmap. Now there's yet another advantage to using a specialized iOS solution: TARMAC utilizes the technical capabilities of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch without the technical compromises associated with supporting devices from other manufacturers.

Pricing and availability

TARMAC 1.3 is available immediately. MDM functionality will be made available by the end of 2010 via a free update and will require iOS4. TARMAC is already compatible for iOS4 on the iPad.

TARMAC Business Server is available for a suggested retail price of $695 (or 495 plus VAT) through our authorized partners. iPhone and iPad licenses are available for $78 (or 60 plus VAT) per user per year (volume discounts available on request). A demo is available here: