Mobile Device Management with TARMAC

equinux introduces TARMAC 1.4 with expanded Mobile Device Management

San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany − January 18, 2011: TARMAC 1.4 supports all Mobile Device Management commands offered by iOS4 for the streamlined configuration and management of iPhones and iPads over-the-air (OTA). The update of our server solution for the automated rollout and Mobile Device Management of iPads and iPhones in large installation has been expanded through MDM-functionality. Administrators can configure Apple's iOS devices using existing directory services, centrally manage these devices and update profiles all from a central.

TARMAC MDM allows the professional distribution and management of iPhones and iPads in enterprise. Using the intuitive TARMAC interface, any user can use their company network to register their iPhone or iPad with the MDM server to benefit from numerous benefits. TARMAC communicates with the iPad or iPhone so the administrator can perform actions and updates company-wide: User profiles with individual settings are updated in the background of the device, internally developed applications can be accessed via WiFi and security updates and/or profile changes can be pushed directly to any authorized iPad or iPhone.

That's not all. TARMAC 1.4 is also about security and maintaining security. If a user forgets their login data, the administrator can reset the passcode in TARMAC. If a device is left behind in a taxi or hotel room, the administrator can remotely lock the device or even completely wipe all data.

With the MDM command set, TARMAC delivers integrated Inventory Management with actual information about all devices in the field. Which user profiles are installed? Which iOS-Versions? What are the security settings? Which Apps are installed? Apps like iTunes or YouTube, specific websites or the integrated camera can all be blocked or locked via the user profile and updated on-the-fly.

Central Configuration, Rollout and Management

TARMAC is the solution for iPhone and iPad in enterprise. Unlike the competition, TARMAC is solely focused and designed to be used with iOS mobile devices. Therefore companies with TARMAC are best prepared for the future: TARMAC is already compatible with the pending iOS 4.3 update.

Pricing and Availability

TARMAC 1.4 with Mobile Device Management is available now. TARMAC is ready today for the next iOS 4.3 update. TARMAC Business Server is available at a suggested retail price of USD695 (495 EUR) from our Authorized Partners. Licenses for iPhones and iPads start at USD78 (60 EUR) per user per year (Bulk pricing available upon request).


Successfully integrate iPhones, iPads and iPod touches into enterprise. TARMAC offers on the fly profile generation based on existing directory servers that are delivered over-the-air (OTA). Any user can access TARMAC to easily setup their iPhone or iPad with out the need to sync their device with a computer. TARMAC is available through Authorized Partners: