TARMAC 1.5 with App Catalog

Provide internal apps to your employees' iPhones or iPads

San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany − February 15, 2011: Provide internal apps throughout your company  we're extending TARMAC 1.5 and have added an App Catalog to our iPhone- and iPad deployment solution. Enterprises and institutions can now provide their internal apps amongst their users wirelessly over-the-air. Apps can be sorted into group-specific App Catalogs, that are available via the central TARMAC web interface.

Here's how it works: Administrators can upload apps to the App Catalog along with an app icon. The users can then visit the App Catalog, which includes all the apps that the user is authorized to download. The user can choose an app and it will download directly to their iPad or iPhone.

Administrators can define which user groups can download which apps. Only those apps will be shown to authorized users. This can be used for example to provide employees with an app to access internal sales figures or earnings predictions all without the App Store.

Take control with the TARMAC App Catalog management interface. The administrator can use this new overview in TARMAC to upload, delete or update new apps. The App Catalog can even be customized with a logo to match your corporate identity. By ensuring that only authorized employees have access to the App Catalog, enterprise compliance- and security requirements can be met with TARMAC.

But TARMAC 1.5 is flexible enough to offer even more usage scenarios: if you want to provide your app without worrying about provisioning profiles and user groups, TARMAC 1.5 can get your apps out to almost anyone. Educational institutions can provide students with a course directory and museums can offer exhibition guides right to users on their mobile iOS devices. This is particularly useful for media-rich applications with lots of videos or photos.

Your one-stop configuration, rollout and management center

TARMAC's comprehensive  Mobile Device Management features offer a complete solution for integrating iPhone and iPads into a company. Unlike other solutions, TARMAC is exclusively designed for iOS-based mobile devices and can rely on TARMAC for industry-leading  iOS enterprise support.

Pricing and availability

TARMAC 1.5 is available immediately. TARMAC is fully compatible with the current and upcoming iOS releases for iPhone and iPad. TARMAC Business Server is available from authorized partners for a suggested retail price of USD695 (495 EUR) , licenses for iPhones and iPads for USD78 (60 EUR)  per user and year (volume discounts available) . New customers can purchase TARMAC 1.5 at a 50 % discount until March 31st 2011, as part of our reference customer program. The TARMAC 1.5 update is free for existing customers.


Successfully integrate iPhones, iPads and iPod touches into enterprise. TARMAC offers on-the-fly profile generation based on existing directory servers that are delivered over-the-air (OTA). Any user can access TARMAC to easily setup their iPhone or iPad with out the need to sync their device with a computer. TARMAC is available through Authorized Partners: