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equinux announces Mail Designer to create custom mail designs and newsletters

San Francisco, USA − April 13, 2011: Create mail templates for Mail with a touch of wow - today we've introduced Mail Designer for creating mail designs, newsletters, templates and stationery by yourself.

Mail Designer allows you to create your individual mail designs for newsletters, offers, invitations or personal emails that can be sent to customers, colleagues or any larger group of recipients. Each Mail Design can be saved as a template and sent through Apple Mail.

The flexibility of Mail Designer will make your messages look their best and leave plenty of room for your creativity. Go for it with plenty of stylish templates and relevant themes. Pick from a variety of templates and adjust it to make it your own. When it comes to design, the limits are almost endless. To keep things simple a variety of predefined layouts including headlines, text-objects and multi-column layouts can be dragged, dropped and rearranged. Numerous textures and background patterns are also available to shake things up.

To quickly and easily implement ideas, Mail Designer includes graphics, text-objects and dynamic and customizable text and image place holders. With intuitive tools, rulers and guides, users can create customer newsletters in Mail Designer without any technical hurdles or hiccups. Each mail design can be saved as a Mail-template so agents, for example, can reuse their email designs and templates as often as they need.

With Mail Designer, anyone who has use any mail-templates from either Stationery Packs or Stationery Pack Business Edition can edit these templates to their heart's content.Additionally Mail Designer is compatible with all the greeting cards included in the Stationery Collections, including: Birthday Cards, the vacation greetings from Summer Spirit Cards or any greeting from the Season's Greetings Collections. Mail Designer - create the mails you've always wanted.