Mail Designer 1.1 integrates MailChimp

equinux releases Mail Designer 1.1 with integrated MailChimp interface

San Francisco − July 12, 2011: Newsletters made easy - create fabulous newsletters with Mail Designer and send them easily with MailChimp. We've developed our creative Mac app, Mail Designer 1.1, a step further by integrating the email marketing service interface of MailChimp. This makes Mail Designer 1.1 unique and appealing for professional users such as businesses, who need to send mass emails to their customer base. They can now create appealing and attractive newsletters in Mail Designer and use them in large campaigns.

Mail Designer and MailChimp - a great team for professional newsletters

Businesses, agencies, and clubs can put together fantastic newsletters or info-mails with ease using the many layout possibilities offered by Mail Designer. Mail Designer 1.1 gives you even more possibilities for personalizing your newsletters. Add placeholders for titles, addresses, and businesses. The details are automatically filled in upon sending. Once the layout is finished, pass it on to MailChimp, the popular email technology platform for sending email campaigns of any size, and let them take care of all your sending needs. Many of our Mail Designer customers have requested a solution for sending mass mailings, and now it is possible.

Mail Designer The Mac app for unique and creative newsletters

Mail Designer is the perfect Mac app for creating customized mail templates and newsletters. With Mail Designer, you can easily and intuitively create stunning mail designs, charming invitations, insightful newsletters and irresistible offers and advertisements. Create the exact designs you want to fill your professional needs. Graphic designers, agents, businesses, and business departments can chose one of the many included templates which suit the target groups, customers and employees or even create their own designs from the ground up. Editable text elements combined with dynamic text and image drop zones, offer limitless creative freedom. A slew of intuitive tools and features have been designed to make your mailings stand out from the crowd. Each layout you make is saved as a template and can be sent and used again and again as often as you like. Registered users can download Mail Designer 1.1 for free using the internal App-Update. Mail Designer is available starting at 59.95 Euro (incl.VAT) in the equinux online store and as a boxed version at your nearest Apple Store.