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equinux releases Mail Designer 1.1 with enhanced export options

San Francisco, USA − October 26, 2011: It is now even easier for you to create and send beautiful newsletters to your mailing lists with Mail Designer. We released Mail Designer 1.2, which offers more ways to use your newsletter designs than ever before. Designs can now be exported as an HTML document.

The new HTML export plug-in will create a folder containing a HTML document and associated images. You can also choose to export your design with a custom image URL, which makes it easy for you to send newsletters with mail services while externally hosting the images.

A Mail Design for Everyone The free 1.2 update also makes numerous improvements to the tools built-in to Mail Designer, making it even easier to create emails with multiple column layouts, image placeholders and custom backgrounds. Layout blocks can now be duplicated via a menu bar command and have all been adjusted in width so they can be combined more easily. Background image compatibility has also been improved, so backgrounds look better in Outlook, Gmail and Thunderbird. Mail Designer 1.2 also adds support for OS X Lion features, including full-screen mode and resume.

Mail Designer Plug-in SDK

equinux is releasing an SDK for Mail Designer. Third-party developers can now start developing their own plug-ins to integrate their apps and services with Mail Designer. Interested developers should visit

Pricing and Availability

Mail Designer 1.2 is a free update for existing customers. Mail Designer can be purchased as a download in the equinux Online Store or on the Mac App Store for $69.96 (59.95, incl. VAT) or as a boxed version from Apple retailers. equinux also offers Mail Designer together with Stationery Pack Business Edition, a collection of more than 200 business email templates for just $99.95 (89.95, incl. VAT).