Share the joy this holiday season with Season's Greetings Vol. 4

Season's Greetings Vol. 4 offers fresh ideas and even a holiday timeline

San Francisco, USA − November 22, 2011: The fourth collection of Season's Greetings offers 25 impressive greetings for any holiday message.

Create wish lists, send unique dinner invitations, exchange recipes or send your best wishes – Season's Greetings Vol. 4 has everyone covered from the first day of Advent through the New Year. A new addition has been included too. An integrated timeline shows you all the important upcoming holidays and the corresponding greetings for important events and festive greetings.

For those greeting needing a more personal touch, photos can be easily added - this is an absolute must for "Year in Review" messages! For those with looking to be a bit more creative, Mail Designer can be used to create individualized email greetings. Season's Greetings Vol. 4 is fully compatible with Mail Designer.

The fourth collection expands upon the first three collections by adding 25 new and unique stationery greetings and a new timeline feature to help find the perfect greeting for any holiday this season.

Price and availability

Season's Greetings Vol. 4 is part of the successful Season's Greetings collection and is now available for $9.95 (€7.95, incl. VAT) in the equinux Online Store. For those interested in also purchasing the Greetings Vol. 1 – Vol. 3 as well, the complete collection is available for for $24.95 (€19.95, incl. VAT).