Share the joy this holiday season with Season's Greetings Vol. 4

Season's Greetings Vol. 4 offers fresh ideas and even a holiday timeline

San Francisco, USA − November 22, 2011: The fourth collection of Season's Greetings offers 25 impressive greetings for any holiday message.

Create wish lists, send unique dinner invitations, exchange recipes or send your best wishes  Season's Greetings Vol. 4 has everyone covered from the first day of Advent through the New Year. A new addition has been included too. An integrated timeline shows you all the important upcoming holidays and the corresponding greetings for important events and festive greetings.

For those greeting needing a more personal touch, photos can be easily added - this is an absolute must for "Year in Review" messages! For those with looking to be a bit more creative, Mail Designer can be used to create individualized email greetings. Season's Greetings Vol. 4 is fully compatible with Mail Designer.

The fourth collection expands upon the first three collections by adding 25 new and unique stationery greetings and a new timeline feature to help find the perfect greeting for any holiday this season.

Price and availability

Season's Greetings Vol. 4 is part of the successful Season's Greetings collection and is now available for $9.95 (7.95, incl. VAT) in the equinux Online Store. For those interested in also purchasing the Greetings Vol. 1 Vol. 3 as well, the complete collection is available for for $24.95 (19.95, incl. VAT).